Rance 6

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Rance 6

Post by STN » Fri Apr 07, 2017 7:30 pm

I proudly present the Cheat Table for Rance 6 (Mangagamers release, NOT a Japanese version)!

Made by Bosparan

- General Stuff (Gold, Orbs, Keys)
- Dungeon related things
- Items
- Characters
- Skills

The General & Item sides are fairly straightforward: You set the amount you want and you get it. Setting Adventure Achievement to 99 and beating another group of enemies will grant all rewards, not just the Rank 100 one.

Version Warning:
Version 1 is a basic table with already quite a few features.
Starting version 2 and onwards, the table is actually empty! Instead, the table file contains a lua script that is run when loading the table and generates the entire Cheat Table!
This is done for two reasons:
- It is easier to maintain and add new features
- It cuts down the table size
The latter reason will prevent using the default upload mechanisms of the Cheat Engine forums due to size reasons as the table grows.

The only thing that script does is generate the table content. You can make it a regular static table, simply by removing the startup lua script once the table has been generated, if this behavior irritates you.

Since the table is generated on load of the table, if you save it later without removing the script (or the automatically generated parts of the table), you will get duplicate entries.

Some aspects of editing a character are a bit ... odd, so I thought I'd explain it a little:

Base vs. non-base stats
For most stats, there is a regular version and a base-version, with the regular version being significantly higher. The regular version of your stats is the final result the game calculates (usually on levelup) from all sources. Base-stats are the primary component of this calculation: Every levelup you receive 10% of your previous stats, causing your base stats to multiply tremendously at higher levels.

Example values:
Shizuka has natively a base Magic of 14. Increasing this to 20 will increase her Magic on level 30 by about 600!

In consequence: If you want a short term buff, increase the regular stats and freeze them. For a permanent buff, increase the base value. I recommend not exceeding 18, I myself use it to make some of the nice but horrible weak characters usable.

Note: Changes to base values may need a levelup in order to take effect.

The Levelcap is a static value and can be freely changed. And yes, Rance really has a native cap of 999. Which is a cheat, there shouldn't be any at all, but it's probably only there in order to please the game engine.

XP Up Cost Increase
This value determines, at what rate the cost to reach the next level increases. The lower the value, the faster a character levels. At "0", all levelups will cost 1000 EXP.

Sex Count & Sex Boni
Each time you bed a female character, her sex count increases by 1 (which is probably for endgame statistics only). Sometimes when you bed them, they receive a minor bonus to HP and their primary attack stat (especially for the repeatable ones). This minor bonus is noted in the "Sex Boni" value.

Messing with FP
Feel free to mess with Current & Maximum FP. Since skills unlock with certain FP levels, you may find it beneficial to increase the limit on some characters in order to be able to unlock skills earlier than usually possible.

The "FP Bonus Level" however represents the last FP Bonus you collected. So if you collected the reward for reaching 20 FP, but not yet the one for 25, it will have the value "20". By manipulating this value, you can collect an infinite amount of rewards:
If you have 20 FP on the character, simply freeze it at 15 and you can keep collecting until you tire of all the fun. Or your mouse breaks.

The SP trap
You can grant yourself infinite SP (Set it to a high value or freeze your current number of available SP). This however bears a trap:
The game limits the amount of EXP a character can store after battle. It's slightly more than double the current amount, but not enough to levelup twice consecutively.
So while you can stay in the field indefinitely, you will at some point stop earning experience points.

Special Thanks:
- Affly: For pointing me to the Dungeon experience modifier, which in turn was one of the contributing factors that lead me to develop the rest of the dungeon cheats.
- JorgeFFC: For lots of input and inspiration. The table wouldn't be what it is today without his input.
Rance 6 v4.ct
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Re: Rance 6

Post by Bjorgz » Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:33 pm

Really helpfull table thank a lot

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