Fallout New Vegas

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Fallout New Vegas

Post by STN » Wed Apr 05, 2017 4:45 pm

Made by Recifense, Csimbi

Here's an AOB table for

It is basically Recifense's table, I merely updated it - I hope he won't mind.
All props go therefore to Recifense on this one. Thanks Recifense!

In addition to simply updating the code points, I made a few other changes as well:
- made it an AOB table; hopefully it will satisfy more peeps.
- I exposed a few variables for the unllimited options (if you are not happy with the defaults).
- added infinite ammo in clip (assumes at least one shot can be fired). Did not test with all weapons. Works with bullets, laser and plasma at least.

Update #1:
It seems that the register contents have changed, so unlimited breathing was not working. This was fixed.

Update #2:
Exposed a few game variables (so no need to use console).
Keep in mind if you edit these vars, the game itself and mods might change them every now and then, so you might need to freeze them.
No changes in the script itself.

Update #3:
Scripted two game variables for the player (fMoveBaseSpeed and fMoveRunMult) with two multipliers (fMoveBaseSpeedMod and fMoveRunMultMod, respectively). With these, you (the player) can change your relative speeds (relative to everyone else in the world) and run circles around others.
Keep in mind that base speed affects both walk and run speed.
Set too high values and you'll experience various results from bouncing into sky, falling and dying from the fall to simply just crashing the game. You've been warned.

Update #4:
Split AP and PermaLimbs in God mode (AP was wrong to be there and I prefer correct HP damage but no limb damage)
Added "Well Fed" (No need to eat, drink or sleep).


Hi guys,

Here is my contribution for "Fallout: New Vegas" Versions and The table contains 3 scripts (one for each version and an AOB for both versions) with the following features:

- God Mode;
- Weapon Condition;
- Unlimited Ammo;
- Unlimited Caps;
- Unlimited AP with instant recover;
- Unlimited Breathing (O2);
- Pointer to Player's personage; (could be used to map XP)

The table also contains:

- Enable/Disable God Mode; (*)
- Enable/Disable Weapon Condition; (*)
- Enable/Disable Unlimited Ammo; (*)
- Enable/Disable Unlimited Caps; (*)
- Enable/Disable Unlimited AP; (*)
- Eneble/Disable Unlimited Breathing (O2); (*)
- Player´s XP; (Just change to the value you want)

(*) These features are enabled by default. For disabling any of them, just change its value to 0;

It is for CE 5.6

Note: The script now uses the new CE command assert and will not load if it is incompatible with the running game version.

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