Eternal Destiny All DLC

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Eternal Destiny All DLC

Post by lastingman » Sun Apr 08, 2018 4:57 am

Hey guys, so I updated my previous game to have all the DLC and now the table made by Shinkansen won't work anymore. Can anyone post and update to the CE or make a new one? Thanks in advance.

What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Eternal Destiny All DLC

Post by Rage_Punisher » Tue Oct 30, 2018 4:28 am

I have updated the cheat table based off of the work of Shinkansen so thanks to him/her for the base work. After getting all the DLC to the game installed I dug through the cheat table and figured out what to update to get most of the codes back up and going. It was a bit tricky but had to create a new aob signature.

After that I noticed most of the codes are off by an offset of either a +4 or -4 offset so if you enable an item code and don't get the right one open pointers address and either move the offset up by 4 or down by 4. I did however go ahead and update the main parts of the table such as the Gold and Stats. I did manage to move the offset of the items as well so those should be aligned well. As for the cards and other offsets I did not get to it but I can say for any of the codes not ported to this version of the cheat table I did mark with a NPO so you can ignore them for the time being or you can mess with them experimentally if you know what you are doing and want to change the offsets yourself.

If something seems redundant in the table let me know and I can remove it and if something in the table you used to use and was very useful let me know and I can see what I can do to get it up and going again. As I just recently started playing the game and only worked on the essentials of the table.

Also I cannot guarantee it will work for you if you do not have all DLC installed along side with the game and if there is a way to check the game version please let me know as I cannot find it in any game menu unless I am blind. I figure if you don't have all the DLC maybe it will work with game versions considering the new updated aob signature.

Edit: Left some hot keys on by mistake. Hopefully I might be able to make a trainer down the line but for now I believe this will work til we have the main list.

Update 1:
Card Inventory Quantity is Ported
Battle Commander Stats is Ported fixed offsets

And here it is please let me know if any of it works for you or not:
Eternal Destiny All DLC.CT
Update 1
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