Blizzard Wants $8.5 Million Copyright Damages From “Cheat” Maker

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Re: Blizzard Wants $8.5 Million Copyright Damages From “Cheat” Maker

Post by hedop » Fri Apr 07, 2017 7:14 pm

Schnitzelmaker wrote:
Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:38 pm
The money of $8.5m is not the biggest problem for them. As hedop already described this only applies to company money, not their private money.
Also its not allow anymore to sell their product or develop similar software. Which mean they are totally fucked.
Again... in the US. Because they somehow think that the internet has borders, which it doesn't. A US Court can't say: you can't sell that anymore anywhere in the world. Well... good luck to them. It's simply unreasonable in most other legal systems to require a company to actively prevent it's products from reach a certain country. Nobody can claim damages in any other country if by some chance an outlawed German vacuum reaches the US. Unless the company actually sold it there or made it possible to be sold there. So basically all they would need to do is move the operation to German, Swedish or whatever servers and require proof of citizenship. Set up a strawman who then sells that stuff on and don't get caught getting the money and you're good.

How on earth do they expect any company to prevent worldwide sale of their product and how audacious are Americans that they actually think that just because they outlaw something in their country other countries will say "Okay, the ruling applies here as well, even though óur courts haven't decided on the issue yet."

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