probably a dumb question but...

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Re: probably a dumb question but...

Post by STN » Fri Mar 03, 2017 8:45 pm

CE forums are not dead, these are just temporary as far as main forums are concerned. Instead of the forums being offline all day, DB sent the traffic here...more productive.

As far as tables are concerned, this place is safe. In fact, that's what this forum were launched for to post tables that you couldn't on CEF. You can post your tables without worry of DMCA here. I don't know if that will be permanent or how long but DB posted he wanted "troublesome" content posted elsewhere that he didn't own and i volunteered with these nice servers.

What you guys don't understand is Dark Byte's situation, they know where he lives and can prosecute him in a court, it doesn't matter where he hosts or if he's right. If i had any fear of that, this place won't be here. You guys can post warez and all kinds of scum here and i can't be touched (i am not allowing you tho).

@Schnitzelmaker Github is terrible with DMCA complaints, that whole project will be shut without notice, as is the case with reddit. What difference does it make posting on CEF and reddit/github or any of the public sites? At least Dark Byte's host doesn't care about dmca whereas you have no control of those pub sites.
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