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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Factorio

Post by Apollion » Fri Dec 15, 2017 1:13 pm

Schnitzelmaker wrote:
Sun May 28, 2017 9:58 pm

Updated for 0.15.X Experimental 64-Bit. Tested with 0.15.31.

It is recommend to activate scripts in Main menu

It contains mostly the same features as before with some smaller changes.
  • Infinite Deposits:
    • Ore/Coal/Stone deposits never decrease when mined by player or drills
  • No Fuel Consumption:
    • The red fuel bar in any applicable machine never goes down
    • Works on burner inserter and burner miner drill, boilers, all furnaces, cars, tanks, and trains
    • Require at least 1 fuel
  • Unlimited Items in Hand:
    • Player can build unlimited times with the item in hand
    • Doesn't apply to dropping items
  • Infinite Ammo:
    • Works for players, turrets and vehicles
  • Godmode (Player + Structures):
    • Player and buildings (structures) take no damage
    • Contains instant kill to kill enemies fast
  • Instant Crafting (Player only):
    • Let the player craft instant
  • Instant Crafting (Production Buildings):
    • Production Building craft instant
  • Instant Mining (Drills, Pumpjacks):
    • Works only on drills, pumpjacks and pumps
  • Instant Research:
    • Instantly completes research
    • Must have at least one lab with one of each required science pack inside
    • Labs do not need to be powered for this to work
    • Research packs are not consumed
  • Robot No Power Usage:
    • Robots no longer using power
  • Item in Hand:
    • Enable Pointer with amount of Item hold in hand
    • Press Ctrl+F to set to 1k
  • Super Speed:
    • Pointer to set your walking speed multiplier (default 1.5)
    • Recommend to not set higher than 3

Known Issue:
Sometimes it freezes Cheatengine when activate the scripts or debugging the game.
It works best to debug windows debugger.
If debugger freeze and the 10 sec windows pop up, click no and close cheatengine.
Then start cheatengine again and it should be fine to debug.
Great job, i was using your table for long time. But 2 days ago Factorio 0.16 came out. Can you update your cheat table for 0.16 please?

Expert Cheater
Expert Cheater
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Re: Factorio

Post by Schnitzelmaker » Fri Dec 22, 2017 10:20 pm

Added new table for 0.16. Tested with 0.16.7. It might work or not with future versions.

The 0.15 table is also in the post. So make sure downloading the right one.

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