Borderlands 2 +13 [Steam][Version]

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Borderlands 2 +13 [Steam][Version]

Post by VampTY » Tue May 07, 2019 5:27 am

CE Table for the version, i made it and is working for this version, it might work also also for the non-steam version!



There's 13 options and all have hotkeys assigned to them:

F1 (Unlimited) Life
F2 (Unlimited) Shield
F3 (Unlimited) Ammo/Grenades
F4 (Vehicle) Health
F5 (Vehicle) Energy Boost
F6 (Add) 1000000 Dollars
F7 (Add) 10000 Experience
F8 (Add) 100 Seraph Crystals
F9 (Add) 100 Tokens Torgue
F10 (Add) 100 Eridium
F11 (Resources) [Free] Gold Keys/Slots/Tip
F12 (Timer) The Death Race [On/Off]
PgUp/PgDn (Add/Remove) Skill Points


I think it's pretty easy to understand these options (feel free to add more of them to the table if you want, i won't add more, for me only F1 and F3 is more than enough) and i must add that after loading this table, you need to just wait for few more seconds until some pointers will fully load and will read the right values.Due to the last update, it's a must to use these cheats on a new game saved file with a new character, since on some old saved game file only some cheats will work, it's pretty obvious!Also after using F4(after disabling F4) you need to disable and reactivate F1, and that shield (is not needed though) sometimes is playing tricks, in rest that's that!

Have a blast!

NOTE : Feel free to use this table to cheat and please don't upload it somewhere else or say that you made this table, have a little respect!
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