Max Payne 3 +7 [Steam][Version]

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Max Payne 3 +7 [Steam][Version]

Post by VampTY » Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:22 am

CE Table for the version, i made it and is working for the steam version, it might work also for the non-steam version!

The steam version of the game can be found->


There are 6 options and all have hotkeys assigned to them:

num 1 - Unlimited Life
-> Max can't die
num 2 - Unlimited Painkillers
-> painkillers won't deplete
num 3 - Unlimited Bullet Time
-> more time, more fun
num 4 - Unlimited Ammo (Reload Off)
-> shoot without reloading
num 5 - Unlimited Ammo (Reload On)
-> shoot and also reload
num 6 - Unlimited Arcade Timer
-> freeze/unfreeze the time

NOTE : - feel free to use this table to cheat and please don't upload it somewhere else or say that you made this table, have a little respect!
Max Payne 3.CT
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