Metro Exodus - table v: 1.0.1 CT

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Metro Exodus - table v: 1.0.1 CT

Post by TheyCallMeTim13 » Sat Mar 09, 2019 4:28 pm

Metro Exodus - table v: 1.0.1 CT
Game Name: Metro Exodus
Game Vendor: Steam
Game Version:
Game Process: MetroExodus.exe
Game File Version:

Made by
Sexual Tyrannosaurus

  • I2CETState
    Saves and loads table state (i.e.: what memory records are enabled).
    Uses named states (i.e.: 'default', 'testState', or 'SuperCheated'), if no name is given then 'default' is used.
    • Save Table State : Default
    • Save Table State : Casual
    • Save Table State : Full
    • Save Table State : Test
    • Load Table State : Default
    • Load Table State : Casual
    • Load Table State : Full
    • Load Table State : Test
  • I2CETeleporter
    • Teleport To: Waypoint
    • Teleport: Back
    • Save Location (saves location to local file)
    • Helpers
      • Generate Memory Records (helper script for generating "teleport to save" scripts from saves)
      • Zero Camera Rotation Angle
      • Write Saves To File
      • Print Saves
      • Rename Save
      • Read From File
      • Delete Save
  • Pointers
  • Health Dec. Hook
  • Combatant Health Dec. Hook
  • No Fall Damage { l0wb1t }
  • Gas Mask Durability Dec. Hook
  • Super Speed { ZeroHackAllCheats }
  • Infinite Med Kit
  • No Reload
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Infinite Throwables
  • Infinite Resources
  • No Air Pressure Overcharge Drain
  • Instant Air Pressure Charge
  • Infinite Air Pressure
  • Clean Weapons { Drazerak }
  • No Jamming { l0wb1t }
  • Crosshairs Hook
  • No Spread { l0wb1t }
  • No Recoil { l0wb1t }
  • No Weapon Sway { l0wb1t }
  • No Weapon Heat { l0wb1t }
  • Fire Rate Hook { l0wb1t }
  • Infinite Filter
  • Filter Dec. Hook
  • Filter Reserve Dec. Hook
  • Battery Hook
  • Turn Off all Light Sources { l0wb1t }
General Helper Scripts:
  • Fill Health
  • Fill Med Kit
  • Fill Battery
  • Fix Gas Mask
  • New Filter
  • Build Filters
  • Build Filters X 3
  • Fill Air Pressure (Only use with air weapon in inventory)
  • +1 Hour (Time)
  • +3 Hours (Time)
  • +6 Hours (Time)
  • +12 Hours (Time)
  • -1 Hour (Time)
  • -3 Hours (Time)
  • -6 Hours (Time)
  • -12 Hours (Time)
Other Features:
  • Auto Table Updater
  • Auto Attach to process
  • Simple Logger (with levels)
  • Debug Section:
    • Helpers:
      • Print Game Module Info
      • Print Game Module Version
      • Enable Compact Mode
      • Disable Compact Mode
      • Set Logger Level : WARN (Default)
      • Set Logger Level : INFO
      • Set Logger Level : DEBUG
      • Set Logger Level : TRACE
    • All hooks have their own section, check scripts for real hook names.

Table Versions InfoShow
  • v 1.0.1: Initial release

Current Table:
Game File Version:
(513.3 KiB) Downloaded 420 times

Errors and Bugs:
Errors and Bugs, follow these stepsShow
  1. Steam: Verify Integrity of Game Files
  2. Open CE and open the settings window (Edit -> Settings).
    Then check that you are allowing Lua scripts to run, you can select any one of the three shown here.
  3. Click Ok and then close CE.
  4. Start the game.
  5. Open the CE table file by double clicking it.
    Give the table a second to load, run the Lua scripts, and attach to the game.
  6. Print the game module infromation.
  7. Set the Logger level to "Trace".
  8. Set the Logger level to "Debug".
  9. Activate the "Main Hooks".
    Activate any of the scripts/hooks that you wish to use.
    You can also load the table state "test".
  10. If error is during deactivation of scripts, then deactivate all scripts.
    You can load the table state "none".
  11. Copy all the output text of the CE's "Lua Engine" window.
  12. Post the output text here in side code blocks. i.e. [code][/code]

If you find anything you want to know more about how it works (the Lua stuff, or any of the AA scripts), just let me know.

For editing/updatingShow
Just extract the CEA table files in to a folder named "ceaFiles" for running local files instead of the table files.
See this Lua extension with helper tools for extracting the table files into folders used by my Lua modules:
Add Table Helpers to Tools Menu.
CE wiki - Tutorials CE wiki - Auto Assembler Basics - CE wiki - Lua Basics If it's not a Personal Message don't PM me, use the forum. I ignore PMs that should be asked on the forum.

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