Creepy Road +13

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Creepy Road +13

Post by abystus » Sun Mar 03, 2019 4:56 am

Creepy Road v5.6.4.11300998 (May work with other versions due to AOBScan method used.)

As with most Unity games, you may have to perform the action in question or get in an area where that action would occur to activate the scripts.

Code: Select all


* Health 
* Grenades
* Molotovs
* Jump Force - Force applied to your player when jumping. Set higher to jump higher.
* Fly Mode (On/Off) - Turn off gravity and float around. Debug option I'm sure.


* Infinite Health - Health will be locked at 1000. You can still die by instant death traps and falling out of bounds.
* Infinite Ammo - Infinite ammo for all guns.
* Undead - You cannot die no matter what. Your health will deplete as normal.
* Enemies Won't Melee Attack - Enemies will walk up to you and just stand there. Long range enemies will still attack.
* One Hit Kills Enemies - One hit kills all normal enemies.
* One Hit Kills First Boss - One hit to kill the first boss. Programmers seem to have him separate for some odd reason.
* One Hit Kills All Other Bosses - One hit kills all bosses excluding the first one.
* Can Jump With Heavy Weapons - Can jump when carrying heavy weapons that would normally prevent it.
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