Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon (Steam)

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Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon (Steam)

Post by Marc » Sat Dec 22, 2018 9:20 am

Hi all,

just bought a copy (20% off in Winter Sale, hehe) of the early-access-version of "Dungeon Kingdom: Sign of the Moon" on Steam.

Take a closer look here:

This best description of this game, in my opinion, is "Dungeon Master with good graphics". So you do not choose a specific class for your characters. Instead, when casting a cleric spell, the character gets cleric-experience and will eventually level up. Since it is early-access, the game is not yet finished but looks really promising and I have already had lots of fun with it. According to the devs, they will release the last chapters in winter and then polish the game...

  • a script to constantly fill up health, endurance, food, water
  • after selecting a character, we get the addresses of hitpoints and experience of all 4 classes of the selected character, so we can easily get the addresses and edit the values for all 4 chars by simply selecting one char after another.
Some more information, should be helpful for others to create their own tables and/or update this table:
  • game is using mono, so don't miss using the mono dissector
  • using the mono dissector, 12531e60:dkCharacter sounds interesting
  • the code increasing MageXP is at dkCharacter:AddXpMagic+62: D9 58 48 - fstp dword ptr [eax+48]
  • the code increasing PriestXP is at dkCharacter:AddXpPriest+62 - D9 58 4C - fstp dword ptr [eax+4C]
  • If you look at the character stats, you'll see the current levels of Fighter, Ninja, Priest and Mage, followed by an experience counter. This experience counter is simply the summed up representation of the experience of all 4 classes. The values for the classes are hidden.
  • so you can write down the amount of experience, cast a spell and calculate the difference to see how much the amount of experience in mage/priest has increased (makes searching a lot easier)
  • every value in this game is stored as float. Use "Rounded (default)" for searching.
  • The level ups are at 200,400,800,1600,3200... Experience in their corresponding classes. For fast leveling up, set the experience to 199,399,799 etc and make one appropriate action to level up
  • at experience 200,800,3200... (also known as "every second level up") you can spend one point to the characters attributes
  • the value which represents how fed the characters are is a float, too. Seems to be as percent, because 100 = full fed.
  • the code writing to our health is interesting, there are three code segments constantly writing to health. I tried to change them, but no success using the 1st and the 3rd. The only working part (for me) was to change the 2nd code (faddp), whic represents the automatic regeneration. Patched it to add 1000 very tick
  • when playing this game, always give your characters at least 10 Points of Intelligence, so they can get caster levels. Push all characters to level 3 in all possible classes, because a) this gives you constitution ab) you can distribute some attributes and c) until level 3 it is sufficient to hit the air to get warrior and ninja levels.
  • when searching the coordinates the following may be useful: 0 is in the bottom right corner of the map. Meaning: y increases when going north, x increases when going east. And each step increased the according value by 3. Stepping out of the inn at the town leaves you at x=339, y=45. The Master value is most likely the 3rd hit in your list of found addresses, and when the party stands still, the value has no fractional part.
  • when trying to find the items in inventory, search for 4-Byte-Values. An empty Slot has the value 0, use it to narrow down your results.
The currently available Spells are:

Code: Select all

Body            = heal group
Body + Invert   = Shield for Group
Stars+Body+Time = Footprints

Stars             = Create Light
Air+Atom          = Lightning Bolt
Air+Fire          = Fireball
Air+Control       = Activation
Air+Nature+Invert = Poison Cloud
Edit 1:
added Experience for all 4 Classes

Edit 2:
added X and Y Coordinates to the table
removed the unityplayer.dll pointers (not stable)
added some more infos to this posting

Edit 3:
added gold (only works in the Inn and most likely in the shop if it opens)

Edit 4:
removed AOB-to-Data for coordinate search
added code injection instead
added Z-Coordinate and Viewing Direction

Edit 5:
improved code for finding coordinates
addes pointer chain to item in 1st hand. You can freeze the item in Hand and then give it to another item slot, cloning the item this way
will stop fiddling with this game until the next version(s) of the game arrive :)

best regards and have fun,
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