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Post by STN » Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:45 am

parrafin23 wrote:
This game is so new, that I dont think anyone is working on cheats for it.
I did try and Unlimited ammo for the pistol, and i found 2 addresses regarding ammo. It worked fine for a while, but after killing a wolf or what ever it was, Those addresses where invalid for ammo. Not sure why..

I did set exact value to 7 on first scan, then 6 Next Scan. I usualy find the correct addresses when I have 4 bullets left with 4 Bytes as value type.

Alt + tab'in a few times makes the game to crash, So i have to start over.

Im not sure what else i can try, im far from expert user, or even far from beginner in using cheat engine.. lol

But I hope someone can pinch in and give us some advice on who we can search for the correct values Ammo / Health, and perhaps running speed.

I must say its a good game so far, just tired of needing Tarp or what its called to build walls.. I thought it was planks and nails needed, Thats what I use @ home when bilding walls.. lol

Very Happy

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Re: Subsistence

Post by Allen1013 » Sun Aug 13, 2017 2:32 am

Played it for about 6 hours, and did the split one, search, and then add and search again about a zillion times. Havent seen any AI hunters yet. Got a tiny place built up. Hope the game gets some more stuff added.

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