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Helium Rain

Post by rambo99jose » Fri Oct 26, 2018 2:50 am

This table has: no costs, add credits, set credits, subtract credits (in case you messed up), and time speed hack

Add/sub/set credits trigger each time you have an expense, including station building cost and trading fleet costs.
Set the values to 0 when done, or disable/re-enable "No cost" to only have zero costs

  • 1. Activate "No Cost", and optionally:
    • enter a number in "add Cr" to add credits
    • enter a number in "sub Cr" to subtract credits
    • enter a number in "set Cr" to set your wallet to this amount. This could crash your game sometimes, use "add Cr" instead. Only use this if you accidentally screwed your wallet and are getting a huge negative number. The game adds 2 digits after the wallet amount and I don't know how to keep those last 2 digits when setting the money, it could create some bug.
  • 2. Hold TAB key to speed up the game time 30x (it will butcher your fps while the game catches up afterward, and may heat up your gpu)
    • To change the speed factor: click Table (button up top) > Show Cheat Table Lua Script > change the 3 entries with "30" on it to your desired speed-up factor, use the same number for all.
    • To modify the keyboard key, change "VK_TAB" with the name of another key from https://wiki.cheatengine.org/index.php? ... l-Key_Code
[*] It can take up to a minute to attach to the game (AOB scan)
[*] only a single credit change value triggers when you enter multiple values, the order is: "sub Cr" > "add Cr" > "set Cr"
[*] works with: oct 11(skidrow), v1.2 (legitimate steam)
[*] updated: 20181026
Helium Rain 1.2.CT
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