Toukiden 2 [2017-3-27]

Upload your cheat tables here (No requests)
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Re: Toukiden 2 [2017-3-27]

Post by TroliusMaximus » Wed May 31, 2017 4:49 pm

Any chance of adding a camera hack -- to zoom the camera in a bit further...?

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Re: Toukiden 2 [2017-3-27]

Post by Forever Alone » Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:15 pm

skippersp wrote:
Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:39 am
A cheat-packed table for Toukiden 2 Steam/Codex v1.0.3. Older versions of the game not supported. Includes some neat scripts from other authors.
  • Storage location and limits: Get pointer to Weapon, armor, material storage location and limits. Currently 2000, 800, and 1500 respectively. Changing your storage limit without doing the appropriate quests may bug the blacksmith.
  • Weapon editor: Change weapon ID, fortification levels for Attack, Attack+Dexterity, Element/Status, and corresponding ultimate levels. Game will try to limit weapon's Attack and Element/Status to 2500, and over-limit Dex is shown blank - but it works.
  • Armor editor: Same effects above, but for armor.
  • Item editor: Change item/material ID and quantity.
  • Machina editor: Set unlimited durability; perfect missions; instant complete missions; edit all 25 rewards; set all rewards to 9; edit all 25 rewards by IDs; set search/battle ability; and edit brain circuit.
  • All weapon recipes: Unlocks all weapon recipes at the blacksmith and sets their requirements to 1 Tenacious Claw and 10 Haku. This effect is available across all characters and lasts until you close the game. Activates right when you select Create Weapon at the blacksmith.
  • All armor recipes: Same thing above but for armor.
  • All items: Get 500 of each item/material upon opening your storage.
  • Free shrine prayer, food, pool entry, no cooldown: Eat, pray, and bathe for free. Ignore cooldown after eating and bathing.
  • Infinite shop stock: Set quantity of purchased items to 9; no decrease.
  • Infinite items: Item quantity does not decrease when selling at the shop, or using pool card, etc.
  • Instant charged attacks
  • Instant kill
  • Instant purification
  • Empty boss defense gauge
  • Infinite health (Godmode) / Buddha mode: Take no damage -or- allow HP to decrease but never below 1.
  • Infinite defense gauge
  • Infinite focus
  • Infinite weapon gauge
  • Infinite unity gauge
  • Infinite mitama skill duration
  • Infinite mitama skill use, no cooldown: May occasionally cause CPU allies to stop and spam skills. This bug does not apply to certain battle styles.
  • Infinite food, shrine, pool effect duration: Another reference to these effects are stored in a memory location near your money (Haku). Game will try to overwrite cooldowns if this script is OFF.
  • Moon Walker: Be more agile and turn faster while running or stormrunning.
  • Set skill macro: Create your own skill macro; combine skills from every battle style or chain together all your favorites. See the online list - including a helper entry - for skill IDs and declare up to 16 skills in an array. Then let loose your creation on the Oni!
  • Inflict status debuffs, team immunity: Can set your attacks to always inflict poison and paralysis; Set your immunity from status ailments inflicted by enemy attacks; Set your attacks to inflict a slow debuff on enemies from 0=off/reset, to -99 percent, (-50% default); Set your attacks to inflict a movement debuff from 0=off/reset, to -100 percent rooted.
  • *NEW* (Ablution) Attacks inflict Ablution, instant destruction: Can also set whether the body part you attack immediately explodes and purifies.
  • (Agility) Invulnerable: Nullifies damage and prevents knockback/flinching.
  • (Brawn) Close Quarters Shove Advantage: Enables you push enemies around.
  • *NEW* (Carnage) Attacks inflict precision strikes
  • *NEW* (Illusion) Harder to detect, attacks inflict backstab: Enemies you hit will be aggro'ed as usual, but others will not.
  • *NEW* (Taunt) Attract all enemies: Aggro enemies from far - even those newly spawned.
  • (Knives) Spin - No Recoil
  • (Knives) Spin - Increased Movement Speed
  • (Bow) Instant homing arrow charges: Hold key/button for [Special Attack 1] to mark targets - up to ten charges, instantaneously.
  • (Club) Always in hyperskilled state
  • (Naginata) Always in hyperskilled state
  • (SPT) Infinite spirit gauge: For the SPT battle style; Quickly fills the spirit gauge and maxes power for SPT skills.
  • (SPC) Increased Paradox Range and Pull: Another awesome and fun script! Equip an SPC mitama to your weapon slot and activate Paradox. Set the orb to follow and lead in front of you. If leashed, can set the length and height. Can also set the range and scale of the effect. Enemies are pulled with massively increased force.
  • *PATCHED+UPDATED* (CON) Summoned Pet Settings and Behavior: Multiply attack speed for Bastion, Disciple, and may affect other skills; Set Follower to proactively seek and attack enemies within a given distance. Recall Follower using Ritual; Turn Striker into a clone of 3-4 of the other summoned pets, making it mimic their attacks; Set Bastion to follow and hover above you at given altitude; Set Decoy to never expire; Set Disciple to attack persistently, sticking to a tagged enemy until it dies. *Decoy should continue exploding on contact. Disciple should now work as described. Follower now attacks at a massively increased rate.*
  • Mitama Stats: Shows IDs for equipped mitama. Edit stats for mitama of your choosing like current proficiency values, skill levels (0=locked, max level depends on the skill), active boosts (shown in order in the game), and can even unlock mitama you haven't found, (may or may not break sequence). To manually update, have any mitama equipped and go to its Equip Boosts panel.
  • Activated skills editor: Edit/overwrite all +19 activated skills (aka Boosts); 9 for mitama, and 10 for other bonuses.
  • Max haku: Set your money to 99999990.

Other resources:
Weapon, armor, material, mitama, boost, and skill ID lists: ... F7xuV9-ZF0

(Official/Popular) Mitama list by JHKthree ... 8-Ua5oNGXk

Can you update the the mitama scripts? It seems that they are broken for now.

What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Toukiden 2 [2017-3-27]

Post by CraigOrangeSoda » Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:38 am

Alright, I got a bug here
My Weapons list are suddenly gone
I literally can't change nor make any Weapons
When I try to sell something on an empty list it says "Sell Longsword + 80?" (WTF how did it reach that high?)


What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Toukiden 2 [2017-3-27]

Post by leseoj » Mon Mar 19, 2018 9:55 pm

does anyone still have the ID list for Weapon, armor, material, mitama, boost, and skill since this link ( ... F7xuV9-ZF0) already down

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