Gurumin (Steam v1.4)

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Gurumin (Steam v1.4)

Post by zeebeegeebee » Fri Mar 16, 2018 3:09 pm

I made a small table for myself to help tackle crazy mode (I guess I'm bad).

Infinite Dashing (basically no short cooldown after 3 dashes)
Semi-Invulnerability (cannot get hurt, unless Parin gets knocked down, squished, or falls off cliff)
Boss Health (allows for directly editing the current boss's health)

For infinite dashing: Parin can dash 3 times before having to wait to dash again. However, you can lock which dash the game thinks you did last, effectively allowing for dashing over and over with no cooldown. Simply lock the value to 0, 1, or 2 (each value dictates which dash you do over and over).

For semi-invulnerability: Most attacks and world objects (like saw blades) will simply go through Parin, as if she is constantly dashing. However, I noticed that Parin can still get kicked down from boulders falling and sometimes she will take damage while knocked down. Keep this in mind with the bosses (first boss's slam hurts Parin, Blackbean can knock Parin down with boulders, Tokaron's slam). Lock the value to anything over 0, although the max 255 works best (this value is a timer set during dashing that counts down until Parin is no longer semi-invulnerable).

For the boss health: I've included the typical location that the boss health is stored. Depending on how many boss info the game loads the boss health may be located at other addresses, so I included these addresses as well.

Hope this helps some of you with this wonderful game (thanks Falcom!).
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