Final Fantasy X-2 (pal and ntsc) pcsx2 1.40 emulator

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Final Fantasy X-2 (pal and ntsc) pcsx2 1.40 emulator

Post by linkff » Wed Feb 21, 2018 7:53 pm

I know there are many similar ct out there but wanted to add something that didn't find anywhere

>Item editor (you can add enemy abilities too even zanmato*)
>Accessory Editor (add any accessory you like edit quantity and id)

*zanmato on FFx-2 doesnt kill enemies it makes hp 1 and makes them dissapear but you can still kill them if you target the invisible targets (there is a debug dressphere command too devs left it in to test them)
**some enemy abilities can litterally crash the game (haven't tested them all you are free to try)
***things to add garment grid editor
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