Starbound+23 v1.3.3 [Steam]

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Starbound+23 v1.3.3 [Steam]

Post by Bloodybone » Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:35 pm

This is the 64Bit Version of Starbound


Get Base Ptr - Get Base Pointers of the Player
-Current Health
-Max Health
-Current Stamina
-Max Stamina
-Current Hunger
-Max Hunger

Get Pixels Ptr - Get Base Pointer of Pixels

Don't lose Pixels - Don't lose Pixels on death or when buying stuff

Get Item Base on hover over Item - Get the Item Base of the Item you hover over
-Current Stack
-Max Stack
-Item ID(Read Only)
-Pixels worth
-Item ID Lenghts
-Category Name Lenghts
-Name Lenghts

Max out all Items

No Item consume on placing

Intsant break Block

Max Breath/Inf Health/One Hit Kill - Select what you want
-Current Breath
-Max Breath
-Last Hit Enemy Current Health
-Last Hit Enemy Max Health
-Inf Health
-One Hit Kill
-Inf Breath

Inf Jumps + Slow Fall/No Fall Damage

Inf Jumps

Debug Mode - Activates the Debug mode

Player Coords

Cursor Coord - Read only
-Cursor Postion 1
-Cursor Postion 2

Gravity - Get the Gravity Pointer

Full Bright

Fixed Camera

Teleport Activation
-Save Location
-Saved X-Pos
-Saved Y-Pos

Teleport to Cursor Activation - Activates Part one of Telport to Cursor Activation
-Teleport to Cursor Activation Player -Activates Part two of Telport to Cursor Activation
--Telport to Cursor - Teleport to the Cursors Location

Craft whenever you want - Craft whenever you want and you don't need the materials

Ship Level
-Ship Level

Get Mech Energy Pointer - Takes a while to activate

Get Is admin Pointer
Update 2:
Added to Get Item Base on hover over Item
-Pixels worth
-Item ID Lenghts
-Category Name Lenghts
-Name Lenghts

Teleport to Cursor can be used in the air as well now

Added Get Mech Energy Pointer

Added Get Is admin Pointer

Update 1:
Added Craft whenever you want

Added Ship Level
If you find any bugs or have any Problems write a reply or write me a PM
Update 2 v1.3.3
(32.31 KiB) Downloaded 122 times
Update 1 v1.3.3
(29.57 KiB) Downloaded 48 times
Initial Release v1.3.3
(27.74 KiB) Downloaded 19 times

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