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Pharaoh & Cleopatra - version

Post by CompactDisc » Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:51 pm

Table Extension for Pharaoh & Cleopatra -
==By CompactDisc==

This table is an attempt to add even more replayability to an old game.
Feel free to leave any feedback.

  • Edit amount of money (Both city and dynasty)
  • Disable building fire/collapse
  • Super desirability for gardens
  • Fast/instant production of goods
  • Infinite goods traded
Feature wishlist:
  • Make gods happy all the time
  • Always have employee access in buildings (without nearby housing needed)
  • Immortal armies and ships (Delayed due to technicalities)
  • Fill houses, bazaars, storage yards, granaries with goods
  • Unlock disabled buildings in any scenario (This might be impossible)
  • 2018/01/16 - Release
Pharaoh & Cleopatra - GOG - Script v0.3.CT
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