Duck Game Offline+6 [Steam]

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Duck Game Offline+6 [Steam]

Post by Bloodybone » Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:31 pm


Stop Timer - Stops Timer

Find Weapon Base (Shoot) - Before activating Shoot - After activated shoot with the Weapon you wan't to edit
-Is Weapon Visible?
Is Golden / Infinite? - Makes the weapon Golden so it has infinite ammo
KickForce - The recoil the weapon has
Laser Sight? - Let's the weapon have a Laserpointer
-Ammo Type Folder - All Bullet related stuff
-- Accuacy - How accurate the Weapon is
-- Range - How much range the Weapon has
-- Penetration - How good the penetration of the Bullet is
-- Bullet Speed - How fast the Weapon shoots
-- Bullet Thickness - How thick the Bullet is
-- Weight - Only Useful with Affected by Gravity
-- Impact Power
-- Rebound? - Bounces of the walls, props, etc.
-- Affected by Gravity? - Is the Bullet affected by Gravity
-- Deadly?
-- ImmediatelyDeadly?

Inf Jumps - Let's you jump infinite times -- If it doesn't activate restart your game and it should work again

Find Player Base
- X-Pos
- Y-Pos
- Is Player Visible?
- Bouncy Strenght - How bouncy the Player is
- Grounded
- On Fire? - Is the Player on fire

Disable Wall Collisions / Godmode - Diables Collisions with walls and you canno't get hit by weapons, spikes, etc.

Inf Ammo

If you find any bugs or have any ideas write a Reply or write me a PM

Note: This Table woks only in Offline Mode!
Cheat Table
(14.14 KiB) Downloaded 27 times

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