Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters

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Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters

Post by STN » Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:12 pm

Here is a table for Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters. It should support more versions but I have tested with the retail version only (which should be 1.0 I guess).

In case someone is curious, it is like H.A.W.X. but much smaller, much uglier in graphics, much more lame in story but the same arcade flying system with unlimited weapons on every difficulty. It would have been a good game 7-8 years ago. Now it is just a game.

Instant reload (for weapons)

Instant reload is working for the enemies too, but it doesn't seem to affect the gameplay so far, even on hard difficulty. You have unlimited weapons so this is basically an infinite ammo cheat.

Made by Geri
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