Gatling Gears V1.0 +3 (Table Update1.2)

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Gatling Gears V1.0 +3 (Table Update1.2)

Post by STN » Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:11 pm

- Add temp disable button to Inf. Health
- Add Equip Super Weapon
- Add Equip Super Weapon V2
- Re-write the script for Inf. Ammo, no more survival bug or pet bug. the old version is still there if you want to abuse the pet bug brought by the original script of Inf. Ammo...

Inf. Health - Press and Hold T to disable this option temporary.
Inf. Ammo V2 - Infinite ammo for Cannon, Grenade and Spark Bomb
Equip Super Weapon V1 - When enabled, press

1 to equip super gatling gun,
2 to equip super cannon,
3 to equip super grenade, and
4 to reset

Equip Super Weapon V2 - When enabled, press the DEFAULT attack buttons to use the super weapons, i.e. Left Mouse Button for super gatling gun, Right Mouse Button for super cannon, and Spacebar for super grenade.

based on THETA version.

the keylogging script is based on the script from the table of From Dust made by Geri.

Made by Cielos
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