Rise of Venice

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Rise of Venice

Post by STN » Fri Jul 14, 2017 1:29 pm

Made by Csimbi

Here's a initial table.

The table includes:
- XP maxer; this will set the XP (of a captain of your choice) to 9899. The max XP is 9900, so I chose this number to allow triggering the levelups all the way up to the max. This is a tricky one, so be sure to read this to the end. Here we go. It seems that the developers took some steps to protect the game from simple hacking. The XP is a 32bit INT, but they shift the bits around and also store two copies of it - one real and one for the display. Both of these values are updated by the same code, but this code also updates other things, too. For this reason, you must follow these steps precisely or risk corruption/crash:
Enable the script in the table.
Go back to the game and select the captain of your choice and ship him into any port.
Once the captain is in the port, pause the game (i.e. set game speed to 0).
Go back to CE and set bEnableXPMaxer to 1 in the table - it is disabled (set to 0) by default to avoid unintentional use.
Select the captain (unless of course already selected).
Press and hold CTRL and ALT.
Right-click anywhere in the sea (as if you wanted the captain to sail there). Done, at this point the captain got his XP boost.
Release CTRL and ALT.
Click the captain's pipe icon to see the change. Whenever you do something to gain 1 XP (e.g. sail out for a minute or trade something), the game will grant you the skill points and you can level up.
Repeat as needed, then go back to CE and set bEnableXPMaxer to 0 in the table - just to make sure it can't interfere with anything.
- Minimum money; obvious.
- Store controller; this allows you to change the amount of stored goods when you buy something. Hold CTRL to substract, hold ALT to add to the amount in store. E.g. Right-click on city to trade between city and ship, pick any good (that is enabled) and pull the slider right to buy 1 of that item. Hold CTRL or ALT when you release the slider. Note that the substraction (CTRL) may have negative impact on your reputation - so use with care.
- Battle ticker; allows you to reset your crew and ship hull to maximum at every game tick (about 10x/sec). Demigod mode if you like. I battled only ships thus far, sinking them in manual battles, so it was not tested extensively (boarding and stuff), so be sure to save before you enable it. I suggest that you enable it only once the manual battle has begun, and disable it once the summary screen pops up. I am guessing that at the end of the battle you get fully fixed ship and full crew - when the corresponding options are enabled.

All options are enabled by default except XP maxer and Battle ticker - read above why.
Edit the script to tweak the default variables to your liking.

All important stats seems to be encrypted values, which are decrypted, copied and re-encrypted a thousand times per second, twice, for two copies. I wonder how much faster this game could be without all that nonsense - and what the difference in the economic footprint would be (in terms of the electricity bill).
XP is encrypted much like in flash games: val=n<<8.
Skills are single bytes, just before XP and NextLevelXP.
Major ship stats (crew, hull, sails) are stored as "home-made floating point" values. It's easy to find these once you know how it works. The home-made float keeps three digits after the decimal point and it is stored as a 32bit INT. To find it, you need to do a range search for a 4-byte INT using these two numbers: val1=n*1000-500 and val2=n*1000+500.
Other ship stats are not encrypted, and stored on a byte (like the number of cannons) or 2-byte values (like max. crew and max. cargo space).

Update #1
Added XP maxer.

Update #2
Updated to v1.0.2.4382; the two old scripts still seem to work.
Added Battle ticker.
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Re: Rise of Venice

Post by iMail » Fri Sep 14, 2018 10:53 pm

Hey is there anybody who has actual Cheat table for this game?

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