Crusader Kings 2 v2.8.1.1 Steam (GM and More) 2017-Dec-18

Upload your cheat tables here (No requests)
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Re: Crusader Kings 2 v2.7 Steam (GM and More) 2017-03-12

Post by Alaunus » Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:27 am

lilunxm12 wrote:
Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:27 pm
Sourenics wrote:
Sun Mar 11, 2018 9:08 am
lilunxm12 wrote:
Sat Feb 03, 2018 2:11 am
I managed to make it work. Thanks man. Finally I could try "seven centuries" achievement with modded game.
How can you win the achievement with cheat engine?
1. start game to lobby, start CE, attach the process and load the extension table
2. enable the table, double click the "P->XXXXXXXX" part and a popup will appear
3. enter ""CK2game.exe"+EFA8F0" to the text box just above "add offset" button (text applicable for 2.8.x only)
4. if you're not using ruler designer, make sure the number above is 37, otherwise change it to 36
5. click "Ok" to return to main GUI. You'll find the value part of this entry is 0, double click and change it to 1
6. now return to lobby and start a new game, you'll find achievements are enabled

you can save the changes to this extension, so next time you can skip the popup part
Do not forget that modded games still need to obey the game rules restrictions to be eligible for achievements. Some mods (i.e. ck+) green out all your game rules on startup and you'll end up with an annoying surprise later. I suggest saving a game rule setup with your vanilla ck (that means with no mods enabled) and always defaulting back to that baseline rule sheet when starting a modded game.

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Re: Crusader Kings 2 v2.8.1.1 Steam (GM and More) 2017-Dec-18

Post by CompactDisc » Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:23 pm

Apologies for the way too late fix:

Next time it'll be at least an hour sooner ;)

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Re: Crusader Kings 2 v2.7 Steam (GM and More) 2017-03-12

Post by 01luiz01 » Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:16 pm

CompactDisc wrote:
Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:18 pm
Table Extension for Crusader Kings II v2.8.1 (WTTG)
==By CompactDisc==

This extension contains a large amount of extra pointers for the game. It will allow you to alter much more than Recifense's script alone.
It also enables the console in ironman mode and achievements in modded/ruler designer games.

Download the original table from Recifense and open it in cheat engine. Then open my extension in the same Cheat Engine instance. It may ask you if you want to merge or keep the current list, say yes.

Once you activate Recifense's script, the pointers should work. You can then save the merged table as a whole if you want to use it again.

If something doesn't work, please post it in this thread so I can fix it.

2016 Mar 18: Updated for Crusader Kings II v2.7.0.1 (OAWR) - Extension v2.3
2016 Mar 18: Fix- Extension v2.3a
Fixed tech pointers + Added modded achievements
2016 Apr 26: Updated for Crusader Kings II v2.7.1.0 (APAH) - Extension v2.4
2016 Apr 27: Fix for v2.7.1.0 (BPAH) - Extension v2.5
- Fixed Selected County pointers
2016 Aug 17: Update for Crusader Kings II v2.7.2.0 (GMTV) - Extension v2.6
- Fixed a bug with character religion pointer
2017 Nov 19: Update for Crusader Kings II v2.8.0 (PLQA) - Extension v2.7
- Big thanks to H Con for doing most of the update for me.
2017 Dec 06: Update for Crusader Kings II v2.8.1 (WTTG) - Extension v2.7
2018 Mar 12: Update for Crusader Kings II v2.8.1.1 (ISRM) - Extension v2.8

- Nomadic pointers (Population/Manpower/etc.)
Thanks by table extension update!

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