Forum Rules -- Read Me First

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Forum Rules -- Read Me First

Post by ++METHOS » Fri Mar 03, 2017 12:44 am

1. It has been decided that CEF rules shall carry over here at FRF. That means discussion of online cheats and warez is still prohibited. Do not post any links, tables, trainers and/or identifiable code snippets that may apply.

2. Please keep in mind that if a game contains both a single and multi-player component and the table features scripts/options for the second component (the multi-player one, just to be clear), both the table and adjacent discussions will not be allowed/deleted. No online everything, people (including hijacking/enabling DLC options or any other micro-transactions processing).

3. When posting tables that don't belong to you:

- check if that table's been posted already
- check the content of the table (not many of you know you can open CT files with Notepad/Notepad++) and check for author
- give credit where due
- if post already exists, but table's been created by a certain individual and you have another, post it in that thread, giving credit

Please report any non-compliance.

Thank you.
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