Forum Rules -- Read Me First

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Forum Rules -- Read Me First

Post by ++METHOS » Fri Mar 03, 2017 12:44 am

It's been decided that several of CEF rules would carry over here.

Please keep in mind these rules will suffer modifications from time to time based on staff decisions, forum and/or Discord users' suggestions.

Can I ask questions about online cheats?

Yes, but you are not allowed to mention the game's name or post specific information about the game like screenshots or more than 10 lines of continuous ASM code (in short, yes, but you will most likely not get what you want).

Can I ask about bypassing anti-cheat methods?

No, you are not allowed to talk about it on this forum.

Can I post tables that feature scripts/modifications for online cheating purposes?

No. Keep in mind that if a game contains both single and multi-player components and the table features scripts/options for the second component (the multi-player one, just to be clear), both the table and adjacent discussions will not be allowed/deleted. No online everything, people (including hijacking/enabling DLC options or any other micro-transactions processing).

Can I post tables other people created?

Yes. When posting tables that don't belong to you: a. check if that table's been posted already; b. check the content of the table (not many of you know you can open .CT files with Notepad/Notepad++) and check for author; c. give credit where due; d. if post already exists, but table's been created by a certain individual and you have another, post it in that thread, giving credit.

Can I use a signature in my profile?

Momentarily, no. Signatures are disabled, as people used to pour in spam or walls of text.

Pornography discussions (pictures, links, anything related) are not allowed !

Please report any non-compliance.

Thank you!
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