Assassin's Creed Unity AOB 1.2 +1.03 aob for all versions

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Assassin's Creed Unity AOB 1.2 +1.03 aob for all versions

Post by STN » Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:28 pm

Made by DarkIceCore

For those who read the script first, and only then turn it on, in "two words": after injection, you need to write "newmem" address to EIP/RIP of selected instruction, to avoid anticheat/antidebugger. all of them have AOB, +setted in Advanced Options, and you can calibrate them anytime. will work on all versions on today, if make some small tuning in the head of script. Tested on v.1.1-1.2 Ali213 v.4-5, thanks, sry for bad eng.

DOWNLOAD NEW TABLE VERSION! corrected pointers to aobscans!

big thx for help with solution to Dark Byte



1) Load game,level, press ESC. Back to Desktop (alt-tab or Win-Key or Ctrl+Alt+Del)
2) Load Cheat Engine 6.4, load table, open ACU process.
3)Select OR 1<Blue> inventory-ammo-money-points OR 2<Green>Health OR 3<Orange>Health cheat. Enable,turn on.
4)Under each Script there are sections. Select section #2 "place" it show you address of "newmem" of injection. Copy this address, Ctrl+C, or write to notepad.
5)Open on left bottom of CE window section Advanced Options, select name of instruction like you choose previously. If you chose earlier first inventory-money-points=<Blue>, so here too choose <Blue>.
6)RightClick on it, choose "Open the disassembler at this location".
7)In "Memory View" you will see what you chose earlier, coz it selected.
COMPARE OPCODE WITH TEXT IN ADVANCED OPTIONS, if you chose <Blue> it must be"cmp [rax+28],edi"!
8)RightClick on it, choose "Change register on this location"
9)Select EIP, it's equally RIP in x64 process.
10)Write in this section address that you copied, (part 4 tutorial) section #2 under script in table. Press OK. go back to CE window, don't close ANY OTHER WINDOWS! you will need them to turn it off, to avoid crash after you played with cheats!!!
11)Go back to game. If you do it right, you will see effect of this. If you want address of something, use it at last and switch to table, under the script in section#4 you will see it.
-----======Lord!!! give me strength and patience.......for the lambs......=====------------

11.5)Take some damage, from fall, from battle, etc.
12)Get back to your CE table, watch on sections#5-6 in <Green>/ sections#4-5 in <Orange>.
13)If you do it right, you will see you REAL and MAXIMUM health in them.
Set some over 300-400, how you like. but #5-6/#4-5 must be equal.
14)Get back to game and you will see effect if you do all it in right way.

15)Get back to CE window "Memory Viewer", previously selected instruction is colored/signated like "breakpoint". (Only for ME, to be completely sure you not get crash,+1 another step). RightClick on it, and choose like earlier "Change register on this location", delete written address from form, at EIP/RIP. OK. Once more RightClick on this instruction, "toggle breakpoint" OR press F5. Turn off script/cheat. Buy me a beer, gun and two bullets, one for you and one for cop.

My *ucking 15's step to hell.

DOWNLOAD NEW TABLE VERSION! corrected pointers to aobscans!

FOR VERSION 1.1 and other
... did you know your version of game, crack? AOB will find needed instructions for 1.1 too (tested), but you need to place it to Advanced opt. by your own hands.

1)you need to look at section #1 of each script, Copy address
2)Go to Memory Viewer, RightClick "GOTO" paste address
3)On Instruction RightClick "Add to the code list"
4)Go to Advanced Option and Rename new element that you added to name like you could understand after, for using with this script.


For those who "living in a living room", lets start fairy tail.
coz some of users asked about this step-by-step instruction.

first of all, to make it work in all options, you must understand that it is somekind of fake/stealth injection, "b-side", "double".

Part1) inventory-ammo-stuff-money-points......
when you load a level,pause and get out to desktop,
select <BLUE>,you can called how you wanna after all this pain-in-ass.
turn on script, then select <Blue>number 2, copy address, go to Advanced Options, choose <Blue> RightClick on this-Open Disassembler.... switch you window to Memory Viewer, Choose by RightClick instruction that's selected and called like in Advanced Options, RightClick-Change Register on this location-Choose EIP (or RIP), paste address from table <Blue> number 2, switch to table window. then if game still alive and you too, get to game throw grenades, buy a drink, after this fall from something, remember-not so high!, get engaged and make someone crying watching how you eat medkits alone and etc. if all this works, in <Blue> number 4, you will see address of last used stuff, money, points.

REMEMBER:after all, when you wanna to switch off cheat, you must get back to memory viewer, where you set register! delete address from this form, and press F5/switch off breakpoint on instruction!

Part2) God mode, 2 different scripts, if something not working.
like before, choose one of script, turn it on, select <Green/Orange> number 2 address, copy that, switch to Advanced Options, select one by color that you choose, and RightClick on him, then choose Open Disassembler...., go to Memory Viewer, RightClick on selected instruction, and put your copied address to EIP/RIP section. OK. go to table, switch to game, now you need to fall/or get in battle, when you loose some blood/health, go back to desktop, and you will see in god script , in <Green> number 5 your health, number 6 your max health, unlike this in <Orange>, but on number 4 and number 5, then set them on something like 200-400-500-700. and freeze. all this you can do after this by setting a "hot keys" on them, with Ctrl+H. get back to game.

REMEMBER:after all, when you wanna to switch off cheat, you must get back to memory viewer, where you set register! delete address from this form, and press F5/switch off breakpoint on instruction!

Update for 1.03=1.3
second table.
all is work but have no free time to edit delete some it's "workON version" like i said all is work will edit, VERY BIG SORRY PROBLEMS ON WORK! edit forget about bullets and other ACU. table. bullets and other
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