Secrets Of Grindea

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Secrets Of Grindea

Post by STN » Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:26 am

Made by Cielos
- updated the enable script again, just fix a careless mistake.
- updated the aob scan of the enable script.
- updated Inf. Shield, split it into 2 versions.
- added support for v0.600a. the game mechanic haven't changed at all, it just have some offset of character stats shifted (+4).


updating a table I posted earlier on the request page for v0.595a of Secrets Of Grindea.



- get hit once before activate.
- health still drops by you won't die.

Inf. Energy
- use skill / cast spell once before activate.

No Energy Penalty
- need to activate Inf. Energy first.
- use an activation skill (e.g. Shadow Clone) once before activate.
- when the script is activated, max Energy won't be decreased when the activation skills (e.g. Shadow Clone) are active.

Inf. Shield v1
- use shield to block once before activate.
- use either this or v2, can't be use together.
- shield health won't drop at all.
- shield may still broke sometime by heavy attack, but it should be useable again much sooner then before.

Inf. Shield v2
- use shield to block once before activate.
- use either this or v1, can't be use together.
- shield health would still decrease but it won't break.

Inf. Arrow
- fire arrow once before activate
- arrow quantity still decreases but it won't ran out.

Instant Max Combat Skill Charge
- use a combat skill once before activate.
- instant charge to max regardless of the attack speed

Instant Max Magic Skill Charge
- cast a spell once before activate.
- instant charge to max regardless of the cast speed

Fast Attack
- attack once before activate.
- hold Shift to attack for x2; hold Alt to attack for x3

Money Pointer
- access esc menu once before activate.
- pointer would show the correct value inside the esc menu.

Base Stats Pointers
- all offsets of the these Base Stats are based on Shinkansen's table.
- pointers include: Current/Max Health Points, Current/Max Energy Points, Current/Max Shield Health, Concentration, Critical Chance, Defense, Attack DMG, Magic DMG, Attack SPD and Cast SPD

Level, EXP & Skill Pts Pointers

Skills Level Pointers
- use a skill once, or access Skills menu once before activate.
- skills with at least one level would be shown.
- if you load another save game with fewer skills learnt, the unlearnt skill pointers may show weird values. to avoid confusion you should deactivate the script and activate it again after loading another save.

Item Pointers
- access item menu once before activate
- item pointers include the Highlighted and First 80 Item's name and Quantity, examine the pointer structure if you want to add more.
- activate Include Highlighted Item in Pet Feed Menu after you access pet feed menu once for the Highlighted Item to show the item in pet feed menu too.
- both Category Title and # of Items in the Category are both for reference only, which let you have a better picture of what items you're editing if you've only one screen. you shouldn't change values these 2 pointers.
- # of Items in the Category would show the value of the previous category or just "??" if the current category has no items.
- item pointers would show the correct values inside the item menu.
- item's names are for references only, you should not change the name in any way. that means basically you can only edit the quantity of the item you've obtained already.
- the order of pointers are reflecting how you're sorting the items (NEW / Best / ABC) in-game.
- would shows only the items of the category you've chosen in the item menu. for example, if you have only four hats in your inventory, and you chose to show only hats in the item menu, only the first 4 slots in the Item Pointers would show the correct values.



- all original Base Stats Pointers were found by Shinkansen.
- v0.600a can be enabled after loading a savegame and you're able to walk around.
- some scripts can't be activated until you do certain action in-game, check the description above for details.
- all pointers are being reallocated time by time even if you stand still and just viewing something in the menu, so you should NOT freeze any pointer at all.
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