AdVenture Capitalist [Steam]

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AdVenture Capitalist [Steam]

Post by STN » Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:14 pm

Here is a table for all investments that you can buy. Note that you can only increase the amount of the investments and not the amount of money.

Made by bandana

Figured how to hack the latest version on steam.

1. Start AdVenture Capitalst.
2. Start Cheat Engine.
3. Open process for Adventure capitalist.
4. Buy 1 of what you want, in my example I use newspaper.
5. Do a new scan for 1.
6. Buy another newspaper.
7. Do a next scan of 2.
(Do this till you have 5 values in cheat engine)
8. Add them to the adresslist.
9.Change the record 'value' to desired number. (Tested 10000, that worked)
10. Buy the Manager for newspaper.
11. ??
12. Profit
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