Dark Souls 1 (Prepare to Die, PC), NotOverpowered CT

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Dark Souls 1 (Prepare to Die, PC), NotOverpowered CT

Post by STN » Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:08 pm

Made by Noobrzor
Attach the Cheat Engine to the process DATA.EXE, not DarkSouls.exe. Otherwise it won't work.

Made this table myself, from scratch. Uses AoBscan and therefore increases the odds of it working with different game versions and .exes'. Haven't tested it online.

EDIT: Table updated with superior cheats and fixes. Should be flawless.
EDIT2: Latest addition - TeleportCheat! For when you just don't want to repeat the same route - portable bonfire wherever you wish. Look below for instructions. Just added and only tested for a bit, might (but shouldn't) cause unexpected behaviour.
EDIT3: Fooled around with percentages for integers. Health Regen 2 cheat added. +Now fixed from the 'bleed effect crash'. Should be perfect-a now.

Six cheats, designed to casualize Dark Souls I without turning it into a walkover:
Item Durability Cheat - anything equipped gets it's durability set to 99999.
Ammo Cheat - any arrows/bolts equipped have their amount set to 999.
Death Penalty Cheat - completely nullifies the death penalty. You don't lose souls or humanity, you don't leave bloodstains, and you don't lose Human status (no Hollowification on death).
Health Regeneration - by default it regenerates Player's health in a rate of 5 points per second. You can change it easily. I left notes. (Most likely depends on framerate. Normally the game runs at 30 FPS, and the code I modified runs approximately 30 times per second. Easy to draw conclusions.)
(alternative)Health Regeneration - same as above, except it heals 2% of maxHP every second. Can be changed easily, of course.
Teleport Cheat - address attached to TeleportCheat ([status]) is a command input. It's name provides a hint. When changed to 1, it will save Player's current coordinatates to first slot. When changed to 3, it will save, but to second slot.
Changing it to 2 will change Player's coordinates to those saved in first slot, and changing it to 4 will change to those saved at second slot. Code is designed to automatically revert itself, but due to unknown for me mechanic often it doesn't teleport right away. That's why there's a delay after setting [status] to 2 or 4, during which you have to MOVE your character in any direction. You will notice your character teleport and unable to move in any direction for several seconds, that's the delay in action. As said, delay runs over, your character can move again, and you have teleported to a new spot.
Remember, saved coordinates are cleared when you disable the TeleportCheat or restart the game. Also, coordinates are different for each map, so you can't for example teleport from Anor Londo to Undead Asylum using this cheat.
To speed up the use of the command input, feel free to create hotkeys via the CheatEngine and save the table for it to remember the changes.
The duration of the delay can be changed too, inside the script - if you need to alt-tab and change manually because hotkeys won't work or that's just your preference, and the delay is too short.
WARNING FOR TELEPORT: Currently the teleport will kill you if you're teleporting to a spot that is high up above and you don't move during the delay. To avoid it, make sure that when you're teleporting you actually will carry out the teleport fully, that is move after activating to make your character actually teleport there. If you don't move and you're 'teleporting' high above, the game thinks you are very high up when your character is visibly very low, making the game think you have just fallen off a cliff and fell to death. Moving and therefore carrying out the teleport updates all variables of the position and doesn't kill you.
(hopefully i'll manage to get a better idea on how to circumvent the issue. In the meantime this will have to do. The delay should be long enough to last through alt-tab at leisure)

Dark Souls 1.CT
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Re: Dark Souls 1 (Prepare to Die, PC), NotOverpowered CT

Post by Erquint » Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:43 am

It's a table for the old GWFL version.
I investigated the script and found the function/snippet it is scanning for: the C9 51 as part of the return call address is 59 52 in Steamworks version.
And it should now be attached to DARKSOULS.exe, since there is no DATA.exe in this version.
Anyway, I updated it for the Steamworks version.
Yet another half-ass job of mine: the Death Penalty Cheat seems to be working perfectly now but everything else is cut(there wasn't much).
Table Extras comment:

Code: Select all

Hacked by Noobrzor.
Updated for Steamworks version and gimped by Erquint.
The original table(not included) contained more(useless from my point of view) scripts but I only bothered to update the one I needed. Stalk and nag me online if you need the rest.
Download mirrors:
https://gist.github.com/Erquint/07ff043 ... 96d4a0c78d
https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9fP_ ... mJzck9IdjA
Dark Sous Steamworks by Noobrzor-Erquint.CT
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Re: Dark Souls 1 (Prepare to Die, PC), NotOverpowered CT

Post by xfaustx » Tue Apr 25, 2017 10:41 am

Any way to get regeneration working for steam? Was kinda hop to play coop with friends but without estus its kinda messy...

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