1001 Spikes (Cheat table + tutorial video)

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1001 Spikes (Cheat table + tutorial video)

Post by STN » Fri Apr 14, 2017 3:41 pm

Made by h3x1c

tutorial video:

Here's a list of everything contained in the cheat table:

-Infinite Lives: When enabled, you don't lose lives when you die.

-Infinite Jump: Continuously jump your way through the levels, sometimes completely over the top of every obstacle!

-InstaKey: Press F1 to give yourself the key for any level. Press F1 again to disable. I recommend enabling/disabling right at the start of the level. Sometimes, wonky things can happen if you leave it enabled.

-Disable Level Mechanics: (WARNING: It's been discovered that this cheat currently has a bug that deletes pre-existing unlocks, so I recommend not using this cheat unless you're starting from scratch.) Press F2 to turn off all traps and make all moving enemies disappear completely! Use it to go through the level, then disable it once you get to the door (the door doesn't open until you do).

-Instant Max Skulls and Big Coins: Collect a skull or big coin, then at the end of the level, it will max-out all your skulls AND big coins regardless of which one you collect.

-Max Regular Coins: Enable this cheat to max out your regular coins. I also included the base address for regular coins, so you can manually set a value if you'd like.

-Disable Timer: Sets the timer to 00:00.02. The game ties a lot of its functionality to the timer, including jumping, moving, etc., so that's the lowest time you can have set to beat the level with. I also included the base address for the timer, so you can try manually locking it and messing with it if you want.

1001 Spikes - Sn34kyMofo.CT
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