Final Fantasy VIII Cheat Table

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Final Fantasy VIII Cheat Table

Post by STN » Wed Apr 05, 2017 4:37 pm

After failing to find table with a decent collection of values for FF8, I decided to make one of my own.

Made by Aroth

This table has addresses to edit the following values:

For battle:

Current HP
Full ATB Bar
EXP awarded
AP awarded.

Characters (primary 6 only):

Current HP
EXP Earned (affects level)
Modify Magic (type and quantity)
Kill Counter
KO Counter

For Guardian Forces:

Current HP
Max HP
EXP Earned


Current Gil
Play Time

I will continue to add values and update this table over time. My next planned set of values is item modifiers If you would like a specific value or set of values, please PM me or post in this thread and I will be happy to attempt to add them.
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Re: Final Fantasy VIII Cheat Table

Post by Squall8 » Wed May 17, 2017 12:43 pm

Who would I be if I didn't release a table for this game! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Here is my Table for Final Fantasy 8
Game Version - 1.0.10 Steam Edition (iNLAWS Release)

Table Notes:
I basically made this table before I even got to the Fire Cavern. So the scripts below marked with ** may be shared with Seifer and Edea. I haven't gotten to a part where I can test it out yet. Nor am I sure of its consistency throughout the game.

Table Features:

Highlighted Pointers
-Items w/full DDL
-Magic w/full DDL
-Character Stats w/ DDL for Weapons/Limit Breaks and Abilities
-GF Stats
Inf Items
Inf Magic
Unlock All GFs
Inf HP In Battle
One Hit Kill**
Max ATB Guage**
Enemies Wont Attack**
Quick Summons
Limit Break Always Active
--Chaos/Limit Break Level Modifier
AP Earned After Battle

If anyone finds an issue let me know.

Update 1 - Accidentally left some hotkeys assigned so I deleted them. Also fixed an AP issue.

Update 2 - Fixed an issue with Inf Items and Inf Magic.
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Re: Final Fantasy VIII Cheat Table

Post by Sauce » Thu May 18, 2017 1:54 am

Going through the archives from the old site, I found this, it seems to work and have a few extra options still available such as the items and card game fun. I looked, but didn't see any author or contributor information. But none of the work is mine, and I'm taking no credit for anything other than grabbing the archive.

The table is fairly decent.

Character Editing/Stats
Time/Battle Stats
After Battle XP/AP
Card Game
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There were a bunch of other FF8 tables, but this seemed the most up to date, and it isn't easy to tell what is for PC and emu without trying one by one.

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