[COMPLETED] [Request]Overkill The Walking Dead Table

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[COMPLETED] [Request]Overkill The Walking Dead Table

Post by furthestben » Wed Oct 24, 2018 5:30 am

Game: Overkill The Walking Dead (The game is only in beta, I do not know if that will affect anything)

Requested cheats: Infinite ammo, infinite health, Infinite Stamina, XP multiplier/giver, resources multiplier/freezer.

Usage: I play mostly on private sessions with a friend or by myself. So this will very likely not affect anyone. (Though if people do use it online, I kinda bet they will be banned pretty quickly)

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Re: [Request]Overkill The Walking Dead Table

Post by rampant_uterus » Wed Nov 07, 2018 1:51 am

Game is out, haven't tried yet. IN BETA, resources (all 4 at main menu) for base were 4 byte. Ammo ingame is 2 byte. Affects other players in lobby with mixed (strange/iffy/buggy crashing) results.

Don't know if there is any penalties or cheat protection on full release. DO NOT POST PICTURES, VIDEO OR EVER STATE ANYTHING INCRIMINATING OVK will ban you from whatever platform you spoke on, without proof actual (on word alone). Possibly the game too. Don't risk it. A few of us were banned from BETA.

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