Ninja Gaiden Sigma USA rpcs3 (BLUS-30036 or NPUB30851)

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Ninja Gaiden Sigma USA rpcs3 (BLUS-30036 or NPUB30851)

Post by hyperspeedgx » Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:57 pm

I would like to request a cheat table for this amazing game with the following features:

* Costume Select (on Sigma you can only select a costume on new game and then never)
* Fullspeed at 30fps (this will be a godsend for low end CPU because they will run the game at fullspeed at 30fps just like VITA ver. does)
* Yellow Orb modifier (Money)
* Inf Health & Ninpo
* Weapon edit/modifier (so we can have Dark Dragon Blade at beginning)

The game runs awesome now on the emu with newer CPUs: ...

I will leave my save file in case you need it.

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