[Request] Camera Movement Mods

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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[Request] Camera Movement Mods

Post by bnthomason » Thu Feb 08, 2018 3:45 am

Hello there. I was wondering if all desmume games use the same Camera coordinates in every game?

I've been looking around the internet via google, and found nothing, except this: http://www.cheatengine.org/forum/viewto ... ?p=5643360

This hack is for Residential Evil, but I thought "Why not, I'll give it a shot..."

It crashed my game, of course, since the addresses it changed were of course not the same as in Residential Evil.

I've been hoping to find a way to find the addresses for camera coordinents for a variety of games, such as Naruto Shippudan Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst HD (steam edition), Dark Souls 3, Desmume games such as Fossil Fighters: Champions (One of the few creature fighting games that is 3D), Nintendo64's Project 64 Emulator with Pokemon Stadium/Pokemon Stadium 2, etc.

Right now, I've been working on Fossil Fighters Champions to try to get a lead, but I currently have hit a snag.

I've been able to change the FP for both players, as well as each vivosaur's HP, but I have yet to find the exact coordinants for the camera.

As we know, camera coordinants are based on the following:
Pan (Move the camera Left or Right , Forward or Backward, Up or Down)
Pitch (Look Up or Down)
Yaw (Turn Left or Right)
Roll (Roll the camera Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise)
Zoom (Focus the camera closer or farther)

Pan X+
Pan X-
Pan Y+
Pan Y-
Pan Z+
Pan Z-
Pitch +
Pitch -
Yaw +
Yaw -
Roll +
Roll -
Zoom +
Zoom -

I've been working with this impression for quite a while, but I'm beginning to think that I may be on the wrong track. One particular game, Pokemon Stadium 2, has an entirely different process on these coordinants. When changing what appears to be a camera coordinant address, not only does the camera change, the textures and pokemon shapes also change, usually wierd like and jittery.)

Pokemon Stadium 1 has a different setup, more straight forward, but changing the codes can result in transistion problems or game crashing.

I have yet been able to locate any of the camera coordinants for Fossil Fighters.

I was hoping to do something similar to Dolphin, with a free look feature, with coding similar to that Resident evil/Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisin free look cheat table.

These are the following games I tried to find and change the camera positions:

Kingdom Hearts (Semi-Sucessful, managed to locate a few camera coordinants via a single savestate. Reloading the program or using a different savestate, however, will change the camera coordinants)
Pokemon Stadium (Semi Sucessful, managed to locate a few camera coordinants via a single savestate. Reloading the program or using a different savestate, however, will change the camera coordinants)
Pokemon Stadium 2 (Not successful, located some addresses that may change the camera, but causes the entire scene and models/textures to change drastically.)
Dark Souls 3 (Unsuccessful, utilized a legacy Cheat Table that did not have a working camera modifier for the version of Dark Souls 3 I had)
Naruto Shippudan Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (Not Applicable, tried to find and change any possible camera address, which causes the game to crash)
Fossil Fighters: Champions (Not Applicable, couldn't locate the camera addresses due to address randomness. Perhaps there is more than one address for each camera coordinant?)

I am hoping that anyone could help me figure out how to locate and create a script to change the camera coordinant addresses at will.

I am willing to purchase for you the following games for your troubles if you do not already own them:

Naruto Shippudan Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst HD (Steam Edition)
Dark Souls 3 (Steam Edition)

Here's what my vision of the script would look like:

W = Move Camera Forward
S = Move Camera Backward
A = Move Camera Left
D = Move Camera Right
Q = Move Camera Up
E = Move Camera Down
R = Reset Camera Positioning to Default
Z = Zoom In
X = Zoom Out
C = Reset Camera Zoom to Default
Shift+W = Tilt Camera Up
Shift+S = Tilt Camera Down
Shift+A = Turn Camera Left
Shift+D = Turn Camera Right
Shift+Q = Roll Camera Counter-Clockwise
Shift+E = Roll Camera Clockwise
Shift+R = Reset Camera Focusing to Default
Shift+Z = Increase Camera Movement Speed
Shift+X = Decrease Camera Movement Speed
Shift+C = Reset Camera Movement Speed
F = Reset All

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