dig or die invulnerability. explained.

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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dig or die invulnerability. explained.

Post by Sabin520 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:11 pm

As i was playing around with cheat engine this morning, because i was fed up with the lack of interest in this problem,

i have solved it myself.

- [EMAIL]Aaronbnexus@gmail.com[/EMAIL]

P.S. it appears this site doesn't allow any type of image formats. therefore... guess i'll have to type it out (i'm a lazy bish)

1. get into your game. get hit, pause, go into cheat engine - set scan type value to exact. and Rounded(Extreme) set value type (Float)

2. enter your current damage upon the pause: example 84. do your new scan.

3. go back into the game, get hit again, enter that new damage value into the same area and refine.

4. there should now be two sets of hex addresses now like

if you can't figure that out. you don't deserve to cheat. Good luxor.

Address="05CECEFC" TYPE = FLOAT -- Value "555.1522827"

Address="12120858" TYPE= FLOAT -- Value "555.1522827"

ALSO: If this was already explained in an earlier thread, i apologize. my laziness forbids long forum searches.
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Fearless Donors
Fearless Donors
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dig or die invulnerability. explained.

Post by koderkrazy » Mon Jul 16, 2018 11:36 pm

Good job! can you make cheat table(.ct file) out of it so everyone can use it?

[QUOTE="Sabin520, post: 52085, member: 19545"]it appears this site doesn't allow any type of image formats.[/QUOTE]

May be due to storage limitations the site can't host images uploaded by all the members.

If you search on Google you'll find free image hosting sites like [URL]https://imgbb.com/[/URL] or imgur. Upload there and get the share link then post images by URL here.

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