TW Warhammer 2 - Group difference for God Mode - Help needed

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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TW Warhammer 2 - Group difference for God Mode - Help needed

Post by happylittletree » Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:52 pm

Hello everyone,

I just found this board and registered straight away to seek help from the experts :)

I started to mess around with CE a while ago, doing simple stuff like finding the health value or money value and change or freeze it.

Now I'm trying to learn more complex things like modifying code.

This is the deal:
I want to create a God mode hack for my general in battles.

I already found the code that handles the subtraction of the health value.

mov [rcx+04],eax
mov eax,[rcx]

Now, the current health value is stored in rcx+04
The maximum health is stored in rcx

So by modifying it to
mov [rcx+04],rcx
mov eax,[rcx]
every time my general gets hit, he goes back to full health.
Of course every single unit is using this function to take damage.

What I'm struggling to do is to find a group difference to make a comparison and only use my modified code if it is my own unit and not the enemy.

I know that there is someone here who already hacked the crap out of the game but I do want to learn it myself.

I kinda know how to use the group difference as I successfully did it for Mount and blade and some other games.
For this one however, I fail to find a working group difference.

On a side note, I found working group differences for the Scrolls of Hekarti and losing money, which is currently working, just not for the health.

Any help pointing me into the right direction is much appreciated.
I checked the code from the guy who hacked the game already but I kind of fail to understand what exactly is going on.

Apologies if the thread is a little messy :s

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