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GoNNER - A Little Help Please

Posted: Tue May 09, 2017 3:03 am
by Slade
So, I'm looking into the game GoNNER, and am very new to ASM... I honestly would struggle to cover the back of a postage stamp with my ASM knowledge. However, I've been cheating at games since the C64 days, so I'm not a complete dunce (almost, very close, but not complete).

I've managed to work out an infinite ammo cheat using AOB scan, and a similar thing for lives, except, when you get hit, you lose your gun, your head and some other item. The issue is that once you lose your head, it doesn't matter how many lives you have left, you die if you get hit again. I'd like to see if someone can help me figure out how to keep my head on (literally), in the game.

I've attached a screen shot, to help, and as you can see at:
There is a test to see who is being hit.
EDI+28 contains a 0 for the player and 257 for the enemies. Which is why I test for the 0 in EDI+28 to ensure it's the player being hit. I don't understand what the movzx does nor testing eax against itself. The health is stored in EDI+2C, so I move a 5 into that to keep 5 lives.

If I NOP out the 'dec' instruction then I never die, but neither does the enemy, which is expected, however I remain alive even when I lose my head, gun, etc.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Re: GoNNER - A Little Help Please

Posted: Wed May 10, 2017 4:19 am
by Slade
Hey, wow, thanks for getting back to me. Sadly, after a few hours pouring over DnSpy, I could see the info in your screenshots, but it didn't lead me to being any closer to finding the cheat menu nor debug menu.

On a brighter note, I realised what I was doing wrong with the script. I was hooking in after I'd been hit, which meant I'd already lost my head, gun, etc. Meaning the second hit would kill you. So I moved the script a few lines back and hooked in prior to the initial hit. Players will still lose their head, gun, etc, but won't die if they get hit again. So that's something.

I have more questions for another game, but I'll post those in another thread.

Thanks again for the assist.