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Speedhack Memu (Android Emu), BSOD!

Oct 10, 2017
Good evening,

I have a game called Dungeon Defense on my phone and would love to have the ability to speed it up from its x2 speed. However, following Dark Bytes instruction leads to bsod.


I'm sure I'm doing everything correctly, but I know so little of how lua's work that I might be messing it all up, even if it is just a single line of code. I went into settings enabled Read/Write process memory, closed CE down just in case and started it back up. Then I chose the memu process, I click show cheat table lua script and added the code Dark Byte says to use. Once I do all that I click speedhack and the moment I do my pc crashes. The post is around 2 years old now so the instruction might not apply or I am doing something wrong at which point I would like to ask the community here if anyone knows how to enable speedhack on Memu, specifically for Dungeon Defense.

Thank you very much!

Found an APK that does what I want. GameGuardian
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