[SimCity 2013 & Assembly] Control Money/Hour


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Apr 8, 2018
Hi everyone,

So, I'm practicing myself with assembly and game memory hacking. I've take SimCity 2013 for a start, and I've spent ~3 hours on it. I've found some things interesting and I've got something but. It cause some freezes, crashs, and unstability. The auto-assembly itself is unstable. To take a look, see this video.

script link: https://ghostbin.com/paste/p2qhy

This is possible to force a value with a custom address, and the population increasing is unwanted but I think the game is like that, money per hour and population is linked together.

Thanks you in advance.


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Mar 3, 2017
Why not state the problem, this and many videos are really vague. And why not post the script, I mean it's just text right? What do you mean by "custom address"? And yes Government Taxes are directly related to population, and I think it tells you this.