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FearLess Revolution is dedicated to catalyzing conversations in health and sustainability, and exploring new, more meaningful relationships between people, brands and culture. More info.



FearLess Revolution is a project of the
Living Green Foundation.

The authors of our blog are friends, collaborators and change-making leaders in their respective fields.





I joined the FearLess Revolution in June 2011 and became editor six months later. A writer and marketeer by trade, I got my start in the Portland, OR tech scene and have since graduated to San Francisco. I've held a variety of marketing titles over the years, but in a nutshell, I care about doing great work and building a meaningful future, and working with others who do the same.

I'm committed to disrupting the climate of fear that props up a broken status quo and creating a world of empowered consumer-citizens who are not afraid to demand more of the institutions designed to serve them.

When not working full-time as a writer and marketing manager, I lead a not-so-secret double life as an amateur photographer and microbrew connoisseur who loves to travel. I live in the East Bay with my husband and our two cats.

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