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Judy Converse is a licensed registered dietitian with a master’s degree in public health (nutrition major) and a bachelor of science degree in human nutrition and foods. She’s written books, testified before a Congressional subcommittee and her state legislature for safer vaccines, done lots of lecturing, blogging, article and chapter writing, and maintains her pediatric nutrition practice, Nutrition Care For Children LLC.

Judy is also a mom of a child who nearly paid with his life in 1996, for following the recommended vaccination schedule. That searing experience redirected Judy’s life, changed forever her perspective on public health policy and her university degree training, and led her to publish her first book in 2002, a memoir of her family’s experience. She has devoted her work since to helping children with myriad special needs with nutrition supports, bringing these promising and effective interventions to an underserved population.

Her work with hundreds of children has culminated in two more books with Penguin/Perigee - including Special Needs Kids Go Pharm-Free – to give families the tools and information she never had as a new mom. Judy lives in Colorado with her husband and best friend Chris, her son Ben, and two cats.

Follow Judy: @NutrCareAutism

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