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Founded by Alex and Ana Bogusky, the FearLess Revolution explores a new, more meaningful relationship between people, brands and culture.

We're seeing a dramatic shift in the way business is done towards more transparency, more collaboration, more democracy, and ultimately more value.


A bestselling author on food safety, Jeffrey M. Smith is the world's leading consumer advocate promoting healthier non-genetically modified (GM) foods. He is also the founder and executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology, a world leader in educating policy makers and the public about GM foods and crops.

His first book, Seeds of Deception, is the world's bestselling and #1 rated book on genetically modified organisms. His second, Genetic Roulette, documents 65 health risks of the GM foods Americans eat every day. To help you choose healthier, non-GMO brands, use the Non-GMO Shopping Guide and download the free iPhone app.

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Jeffrey on FearLess Revolution

Jeffrey Smith joins Alex and Bill for a sobering conversation about America's food supply. What regulations are in place to protect you and your family? The answers will shock you. And hopefully, will make you rethink your choices as a consumer.