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It's wonderful to come upon this peaceable cottage in my random walk through life. In the last millennium, my path led me to spend most of my cycles developing software – mostly for visualizing geospatial data – and publishing technical articles and assorted cartographics. Since then, I have mostly worked as a writer, explaining how to use software and shining spotlights on high tech trends. Now I mostly walk the innovation beat, policing up by publicizing ill-considered products, marketing hype, delusional thinking and sloughed-off consequences of the information age. On the side, I comment on current affairs, trying to dissect various unseemly dénouements continuing to afflict America's bizarre political economy.  I also design infographics, broadsides, placards and stickers promoting progressive positions. Every now and then I rouse myself to rally troops to defend truth, justice and the American dream and take to the streets in solidarity with the masses. If I were a brand, I would be SeizePower, but that domain is already spoken for so I guess I'll go with COMMON.

It is very gratifying to join forces with the (certainly compared to me) sterling and accomplished individuals who dwell here – you, the vanguard of the FearLess Revolution. In focusing on the innovation economy and its detritus, my major mission is to write articles that, piece by piece, unpack what's changing games versus rigging them, benign versus malignant, useful versus useless, heuristic versus hypnotic, socializing versus privatizing, simplifying versus complicating, and other assorted antonyms. Content from my posts is already feeding a book project, tentatively titled The Silica Papers (intro here).

My ramblings are intended to help readers better withstand the whirlwinds of change. I do what I can. It's better to be a gadfly on the wall than a fly in the soup.

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