Disgaea 2 PC Trainer

Disgaea 2 PC

Trainer maker DEViATTED released a cheat trainer for Disgaea 2 PC featuring the following cheats

Disgaea 2 PC Cheats

Unlimited HP
Unlimited Mana
Unlimited SP
Level up
Unlimited Money
Add XP

You can download the trainer by clicking this link: Disgaea 2 PC Trainer

The trainer can be easily activated by running the game, the trainer then pressing the hotkeys for the cheats you desire.

Disgaea 2 PC is the second game in Disgaea series that was released just a few days ago with critical acclaim.

Game Plot:

When Adell and his family accidentally kidnap the Princess of the Netherworld, all hell breaks loose. Adell races to return the Princess to her home, where he hopes to defeat the Overlord and break the curse on his world.

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