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Bud Caddell is an independent strategic marketing consultant, speaker, and blogger. He's currently in development of his first book: a treatise on embracing complexity and systems thinking in a more interconnected and interrelated world. He is also assembling a network of creative professionals, The Bucket Brigade, dedicated to solving complex problems using systems thinking and collaboration.

Caddell's work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and AdAge. He has been cited in NYMag and the Harvard Business Review. His essay, “Becoming a Mad Man,” discussing emerging media fandom has earned citations in Grant McCracken’s latest book, Chief Culture Officer, and Henry Jenkins’ upcoming anthology on spreadable media.

Caddell spends his time matching the vision, values, and objectives of his clients with the behaviors and needs of real human beings they want to engage.

Who he is, where he is, and what he does is the product of 1) an obsessive curiosity, 2) a love and literacy of technology, 3) two generations of entrepreneurs that raised him well, 4) a few sparks of creativity, and 5) an enduring sense of "I can make that better." |

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