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Infographic: Red Meat Is Killing Us

No meal seems quite so American--or even quite so mouth-watering--as a nice thick porterhouse steak, or a hamburger straight off the grill. The only problem is that these meals appear to be killing us.

Via Fast Company

America Wants GMOs Labeled

(View graphic larger)

The Just Label It campaign celebrates record-breaking comments delivered to the FDA to label genetically manipulated food:

We now stand more than one million strong in asking the FDA to label genetically engineered (GE) foods. Today, March 27 is the date that the FDA is required to respond to the petition and it took us less than 180 days to accumulate a record breaking number of public comments—a testament to the power of our collective voices to demand our right to know what’s in our food.

As the graphic above states, more than nine out of 10 of Americans across the political spectrum support labeling food that has been genetically engineered. We do have a right to know, and we have an obligation to demand that our food is properly labeled. Add your voice here!

Coal Will Say Anything

This week, the Sierra Club introduced its first major national video campaign to promote its Beyond Coal initiative. The spots (first two below) feature "Mr. Coal," a fictional character that represents the coal industry and its lies suggesting that the fossil fuel is cheap, safe and clean when in reality it is quite dangerous and has huge costs to our environment and our health.

Agency: Mekanism

Meatless Monday: Hummus Veggie Pizza

Today's delicious Meatless Monday recipe comes from Hobby and More:

This was our quick weekend lunch/brunch.. I had some dough from the day before. So a quick veggie prep... a tossed up spicy hummus and voila!

The pizza toppings have indian flavors with the Chana masala Spice hummus, some grated fresh ginger and cilantro garnish.. You can make it your own to taste!

For a GF version, use the Oat Sandwich Loaf dough. Add some Oats flour after the first rise to reduce stickiness, pat it down into desired size. Top with hummus and toppings. Spray water liberally on the pizza edges, and bake as mentioned below.

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We're Hiring: Blog Editor / Store Manager

The FearLess Cottage in Boulder, CO is looking for a motivated and business-minded editor to manage the blog at as well as the online store at

For responisibities and application info, please click here.

Alec Baldwin: Boycott Circuses That Use Animals 

Alec Baldwin describes the sad plight of elephants who are torn from their families and forced to perform grueling tricks in the circus.

Via Elephant Journal

B-cycle is Back!

After taking a brief hiatus for the winter, the B-cycle bike-sharing service is gearing up for a spring season of growth, with additional bikes and new stations.

Via Daily Camera

Sluts Unite

Sluts Unite is a sex-positive movement that brings people together who believe in tolerance, acceptance and personal freedom. It is their goal to take what was intended to be a hateful, derogatory word and change it into something positive through the power of the collective.

Click to read more ... Launches Fight to End Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Bill McKibben of is gearing up for a major fight to end the billions of dollars in subsidies the fossil fuel industry receives each year.

The power of the fossil fuel industry over national politics is “a big part of what’s making this planet less habitable day by day,” McKibben says, as he asks people to join the fight against fossil-fuel subsidies.

Via ThinkProgress

The Seed

This is a cool animated voyage through nature's life cycle, following the trials and tribulations of a humble apple seed.

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