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The Danger of Climate Change Denial

By leading climate scientist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Michael E. Mann, via The Costa Rica News:

As a climate scientist, I have seen my integrity perniciously attacked, politicians have demanded I be fired from my job, and I’ve been subject to congressional and criminal investigations. I’ve even had death threats made against me. And why? Because I study climate science and some people don’t like what my colleagues and I have discovered. Their attacks on scientists are part of a destructive public-relations campaign being waged in a cynical effort to discredit climate science.

My work first appeared on the world stage in the late 1990s with the publication of the third assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which featured what is now popularly known as the hockey-stick graph. Using what we call proxy data – information gathered from records in nature, like tree rings, corals, and ice cores – my co-authors and I pieced together the puzzle of climate variability over the past 1,000 years. What we found was that the recent warming, which coincides with the burning of fossil fuels during the Industrial Revolution, sticks out like the blade of an upturned hockey stick.

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Al Gore: "The Planet Has a Fever"

Vice President Al Gore discusses the reality of extreme weather as a result of carbon pollution and the powerful dirty energy lobbyists that influence Congress.

Every Climate Skeptic Argument Debunked

If you prefer believing that you live in an alternate universe where reality is whatever you want it to be, then you won't want to watch this video. But if you believe in science and you accept reality for what it is, you might be interested in watching this presentation that methodically debunks the talking points of climate change deniers. It was given by Chuck Kutscher of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and chair of the 2012 World Renewable Energy Forum. The talk was presented at the Colorado State Capitol in a January 2011 workshop for members of the state legislature.

Via Skeptical Science

Bike Love

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How Pink Slime Buys its Way Into Your Diet

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Lee Fang has a great piece at United Republic on how the Pink Slime industry -- like most other dirty, unhealthy industries -- buys influence in government:

Pink slime, the ammonia-treated filler substance made with beef scraps, was once reserved for dog food before corrupted regulators changed the rules. But a recent media firestorm has reignited the controversy, leaving many people asking why the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) does not require groceries, school cafeterias, or restaurants to disclose which products contain the mystery meat.

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