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The authors of our blog are friends, collaborators and change-making leaders in their respective fields.




Founded by Alex and Ana Bogusky, the FearLess Revolution explores a new, more meaningful relationship between people, brands and culture.

We're seeing a dramatic shift in the way business is done towards more transparency, more collaboration, more democracy, and ultimately more value.


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Earth Hour 2011

One person has the power to make change. But when we all come together, we can change the world.

This video beautifully illustrates the power of collaboration. Earth Hour is happening right now all across the globe. Turn off your lights at 8:30pm (your local time) and think about where else we can work together to make change for the better.

Robyn O'Brien at TEDxAustin

Our friend Robyn O'Brien gave a powerful talk at TEDxAustin this year about her personal story of going from a Wall Street analyst to a mom who learned things about her kids' food that she simply couldn't unlearn.

We're excited to share the stage with Robyn next month at TEDxMileHigh.

Cottage Hand-off

Art Rojas has been on the FearLess journey since the beginning, and it is a fact that without Art's encouragement The FearLess Cottage would never have happened. His positivity and enthusiasm was something that I knew would change my life when he first became my assistant at CP+B. But I don't think I had any idea where and how far we would go together.

Now he is off to NYC and to a new job that brings him back into the agency world. Trust me when I say that the Big Apple isn't ready for Artemisrex, and we will miss him dearly.

But life has also brought a past collaborator back into our lives. Liisa Juola has joined us as Cottage Commander. Liisa is equal parts producer, product manager and den mother. And each part is a bit overwhelmed as she gets up to speed, but we're excited to see her leave her mark on FearLess and COMMON.

Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes. And so it goes.


It's Just the Beginning for Coffee Common

We talked before about how the Coffee Common project came together very quickly as a collaborative experiment at TED2011. Now the fine folks at GOOD have written a nice follow-up interview with one of the founders, Sean Bonner:

We all felt that if we could get all of these outstanding coffee companies who are very thoughtful about every step of what they're doing, but who are normally in competition for the same customers, and get them to work together to educate people about coffee, then it wouldn't be as simple to write it off as marketing rhetoric.

Bonner on the future of Coffee Common:

We've been looking at TED as just the very first beta step in the launch of this thing, so there's much more to come... we're all pretty keen on the idea of doing another, much more accessible, public event soon.

We're not exactly sure yet which topic we'll focus on. We could do an entire event about coffee from Rwanda, and trace it from farm to consumer, and talk about the environment and history and so on. We might do something about coffee as vehicle for intellectual revolution—after all, coffeehouses have been the incubator for all sorts of radical ideas.

Read the full interview at GOOD.

(Video and photos by Brian W. Jones)

A Better Path to Prosperity 

Umair Haque, author of The New Capitalist Manifesto, explains how companies can create real, lasting value.

Food Day: The Winning Logo

Ladies, and gentlemen, we have a winning logo for Food Day! Congratulations to Rick Vanderleek for his excellent work on the design.

Rethinking Capitalism

Michael E. Porter, Harvard University professor, explains why business leaders must focus on shared value -- creating products and services that benefit not only the company but also society.

As Porter and Mark Kramer write in the Harvard Business Review:

Capitalism is an unparalleled vehicle for meeting human needs, improving efficiency, creating jobs, and building wealth. But a narrow conception of capitalism has prevented business from harnessing its full potential to meet society’s broader challenges. The opportunities have been there all along but have been overlooked. Businesses acting as businesses, not as charitable donors, are the most powerful force for addressing the pressing issues we face. The moment for a new conception of capitalism is now; society’s needs are large and growing, while customers, employees, and a new generation of young people are asking business to step up.


Introducing COMMON

Watch as Alex Bogusky, Rob Schuham and John Bielenberg present COMMON, and follow along with the deck below (Download PDF).


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We’re confident that benefiting people, communities, society, the environment and future generations is the new advantage in business. We’re launching the COMMON brand in support of this transition from competitive advantage to collaborative advantage.

COMMON is one part community; one part business prototyper; and one part collaborative brand. A living network of creative people rapidly prototyping dozens or hundreds of progressive businesses designed to solve social problems. Connected to a brand that’s community designed, community owned, and community directed.

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Vote: Food Day Logos

We're working on a logo project for Food Day and need your help finalizing the design. The nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest is looking for one official logo for the event. Similar to Earth Day, it aims to stimulate thousands of activities across the country. The activities will focus on key aspects of food -- health, sustainable agriculture, animal welfare, and more.

Please review the following logos and vote for your favorites below.

No. 1

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John Bielenberg of Project M

In this presentation, our new friend and collaborator John Bielenberg presents his work with Project M.

What John does best is help people find the courage and the sense of humor to consider whole new, "wrong" ways of bringing their stories, ideas, and innovations out into the world.

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