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A Passing: Ray Anderson

I never met Ray Anderson, though really wanted to. Ray began implementing best practices of sustainability early in his corporation's business (manufacturing carpet tiles), and before today's mesh of sustainability support networks were in place to offer him corporate & shareholder cover.

Named the Green Industrialist by TIME earlier this year, Ray said: "From my experience, it's a false choice between the economy and ecology. We can have both—and we have to have both." 

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It's Time for a Time Check

Earlier this week I was rummaging through a closet, looking for a computer dongle to use for an upcoming presentation. I found what I was looking for and, as scavenging goes, several items I had forgotten or near-forgotten that I own.

One was my wristwatch. Five years ago when I landed upon the iPhone First, I began to feel my watch was redundant so tucked it away in its box. After all, a key principle of sustainable living is to reduce (or rid yourself) of redundant consumer goods. However, this was a nice timepiece given to me, that’s been to a lot of hard-to-get-to places, so it has strong sentimental value. Definitely not something that I’ll part with.

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Being Excellent to One Another

Airbnb is facing its own PR storm which, for it, is in Murdoch / News of the World humble proportions. This week news broke of how one member’s house was trashed, leaving her homeless and afraid. This simmered for a few days before getting picked up by mainstream press from the Financial Times to The Washington Post.

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Slowing Down with Coffee (Common)

In a day when so many great minds are working hard to improve speed and efficiency even when it comes to ordering a latte, last week Coffee Common offered attendees at TEDGlobal conference the chance to slow down, indulge, learn about coffee varieties, and admire great craftsmanship.

The four days of the annual TED conferences are choreographed with “Swiss” precision. Live main-stage talks, near 18-minutes in rapid succession, begin at 8:30 am and run until just after 6pm, when dinners and parties keep attendees networking into the wee hours (with whisky abundance). For me, and most, that meant a lot of coffee. After all, it’s a pricey conference, and relishing the big ideas coming from the stage means being alert.

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