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Five Strategies To Manage Technology Overload 

While I’ve had many different jobs and challenges over my 18-year career, they’ve all been in one industry: technology. It has duly fulfilled three critical needs in my life: a passion, a hobby, and a career.  Over time and combined with life experience, I also found that technology gifted me the ability to continually self-actualize and to become drastically more efficient. Or so I thought. 

We’re all drawn to technology for different reasons. Some are amazed by its magic. Some in awe of its power. And some hopeful for its utility. There are actually two types of technology that deserve our attention: technology that we own, touch, and use daily in our lives (think Apple & Amazon) and technology that we see, read about, and admire from a safe distance (think NASA & Nanotech). Both are integral to our livelihood, but for now, let’s address consumer technology components like gadgets, web services, apps, games, and media. 

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